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Do It Yourself Garage Door Repair

Repairing a garage door on your own can be a dangerous task but you can handle it to some extent with the help of techniques which I will describe for you. But if you have any doubt about your abilities, contact professional services like, Garage Door San Antonio Texas as soon as possible. Well, DIY home improvement projects will save a lot of your money and you will learn new skills as well. It is good to note here that hospital bills due to severe I juries sustained during DIY garage door repair project won’t be worth those savings. Thus, educate yourself thoroughly before attempting anything with the garage door to make sure that you can complete it safely.

What type of garage door are you dealing with? Some garage doors run across the metal tracks, some swing up in one piece. They can be operated with an electric garage door opener or manually by hand. You should elevate these factors before starting your project. If your garage door has an electric garage door opener, the problem could lay with the operating system instead of the garage door itself. If you experienced that garage door runs smoothly on the metal tracks then the problem could be with one of the panels instead of the track. You should be completely aware of how the garage door functions. Do your best to pinpoint the problem before you start anything because it could be something easy and simple to handle.

Inspect the mounting brackets to find out loose screws and bolts: There is a dozen metal mounting brackets and hinges which attached the tracks to the wall and guide the garage door to run along with the track. The moving parts such as, screws and bolts which secure everything in place have a trend to be loose over time. Loose hardware won’t be obvious; you will have to check every part to make sure that they are tightened properly. While performing this task, it is also a good option to give the mounting bracket a good cleaning and lubrication. If there is accumulated dirt around the screw, the dirt can lodge itself within the bracket and make it loose again.

Tracks of garage door: Tracks are the important parts of garage door which guide the sections of garage door to run along with the ceiling of the garage. The tracks could have hardened grease or accumulated greasy substances inside them which make the garage door hard to operate. They could be misaligned which results in a stuck garage door midway on its path. Clean the track to remove greasy substances and to prevent further buildup. Once they are cleaned, check the level of tracks to ensure that they are not misaligned.

Examine the garage door thoroughly: Once you confirmed that tracks are running smoothly and all the hardware are placed in a good position but the garage door is still hot functioning. In this situation, the problem is likely with the garage door itself. Check the windows, panels, and all the edges of the garage door. If you found any damages in the panel which could cause an issue, you can fix it using a rubber hammer. If you have a wooden garage door, the breaks and cracks could be filled using any high-quality wood glue. In the case of serious damages, you will have to replace the garage door with the new ones.



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