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Garage Door Installation Process – Not As Easy As It Seems

A garage door installation is not one of the simplest and easiest jobs. Most people end up with several injuries and problems. In this article, you will find some important factors that could help you if you want to install your garage door on your own. But professionals always suggested that garage door installation is one of the hard and complicated tasks. It is best handled by professional garage door companies like, San Antonio, Texas garage door installation services. So, don’t take unnecessary risks and call them to discuss your concerns.

In the garage door installation project, the tension of springs is the most important point to consider. These springs are challenging and dangerous to install or remove for an ordinary individual. But the extension springs will be easier and safer to manage, therefore, it is always suggested that check the specification of the garage door to know which type of spring system you are using.

Keep the instruction manual of the garage door on hand and make sure that you have read it before you start. You must have handyman and carpentry skills to manage the different parts of a garage door. Other basic tools that are required include the hammer, tape measure, electric screwdriver, and pliers. You may use a sawhorse or a workbench to assemble the different components or sections of a garage door.

In case, you have the older model of garage door, it is always best to replace it with a newer and smart model. After removing the old garage door along with the metal tracks, it is suggested to inspect the frame thoroughly to see if it has rot or damage. The most important step of the garage door installation project is to put the first section of the garage door properly because the remaining sections will be loaded on it.

To avoid having a crooked garage door, ensure that the first panel of the garage door is installed to level. You should install the brackets with care and tighten them securely. After setting up the first section, you will have to attach it to the tracks and matching rollers. Repeat the process of installing all the sections with tracks and rollers until everything is installed.

The next step is installing the horizontal tracks along with the ceiling. This task can be done easily with the help of a long ladder or corresponding tool to manage the horizontal tracks while you focus on the bracing. It is also essential to maintain the correct balance of tracks. The tracks should be aligned correctly to allow the garage door to run smoothly. In the last step, you will have to install the springs. Remember that garage door torsion springs are the most dangerous parts of a garage door. It is highly advised that consult professional garage door installation companies to help you regarding your garage door needs.



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