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Garage Door Repair: How to Stop Screeching and Grinding Noises

An overhead garage door is one of the best pieces of equipment you have in your home. These motor-operated garage doors are extremely convenient and blessing which can last a lifetime with proper attention, care, and maintenance routine. Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that their garage doors need regular maintenance services like other electric equipment and automobiles. If you are in need of garage door maintenance services, click here to avail of low-cost, guarantee, fast, and friendly services.

In this article, I will discuss one of the most common and important maintenance calls, that is a complaint of grinding sounds, loud noises, and scraping sounds created by garage door during opening and closing operations. It normally happens with old and worn-out garage doors that have not been received proper attention ad care over the years. The common causes behind sounds are varied but the following are the main causes that sounds could be happening:

  • Rust may be accumulated in the metal hinges or tracks of the garage door
  • The moving hardware including screws bolts and nut may become loose or worm out which need to be replaced.
  • Extreme temperature or moisture may have warped or cracked the garage door which affects the performance of hinges
  • The screwdriver of the opener and other moving hardware has not been oiled
  • The garage door has not been washed or maintained regularly

In some cases, the application of good lubricant or silicone spray, tracks, and hinges will be helpful to quite noisy operations of the overhead garage doors. It will also depend on which type and style of garage door you have installed. If the garage door has not been maintained on regular basis, serious damages have happened which need costly services. It is strongly suggested that if you are not sure what type of garage door you have, you should consult a professional garage door expert so the problems do not become worse and expensive to you. Never ignore the screeching or grinding noises on too long before contacting a professional expert in your area. The advantage is that minor garage door problems can be fixed at no cost over replacement if attended timely.

Before hiring a professional garage door repair contractor, there are certain important factors you should consider. First of all, make sure that the garage door contractor is experienced enough to deal with the problems of overhead garage doors. Your chosen technician is experienced in handling cases and problems related to screeching and grinding sounds. Make sure that the company you have hired is certified to conduct a business in your area. There are a lot of “fly by night” companies that do not have proper registration and licenses to do their business. Always beware and try to collect required information about their registration and legal certification. Make sure that the company can complete the work on the same day the service is started. You cannot believe that I have heard horror stories of the contactors starting jobs and never returning to complete their job. Make sure that you have checked the prices and discuss the fees upfront. There are a lot of reputed and professional garage door companies which will provide you free service calls and estimation with their repairing services.



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