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Manual and Automatic Garage Door Installation Process

Are you searching for installing a new garage door? Garage door installation is a hectic and task, whether you are going to install a manual or automatic garage door. Handing this work could be dangerous as well so, it is strongly recommended to get professional assistance to do this project.

Many garage door experts will tell you that manual garage door installation is easier than automatic garage door. But it’s all depends on your needs and preferences. If you have chosen a heavy garage door, it will need a powerful motor for automatic operations as it will need enough strength to lift it. Manually operated garage doors are lighter than others. Click here to know more about garage door installation.

Automatic overhead garage doors have existed for a long time now but a lot of people still want to have manually operated garage doors for their homes. Aside from being easy to install and manage, you can easily lift it by hand. Well, it limits your choice as you should pick a garage door constructed with light material. If you want to install a heavier garage door like, made from a solid block of wood, you will need to install an electric garage door opener and springs for automatic operations.

A heavy-duty motor, cables, and torsion springs are needed for the installation of an automatic garage door. Definitely, manual operations are good if you choose a lighter option but if want to go with the heavier garage door, adding a setup for automatic operation is a must. Automatic garage doors are easier and convenient to operate which is why lot of individuals wants to have them. However, the automatic garage door has its own set of advantages and potential issues as well. First of all, they are difficult, risky, and hazardous to install and repair on your own. But they can easily switch from automatic setup to manual one in the event of power breakage.

DIY garage door installation project poses a lot of dangers that an untrained and unskilled individual will not find regardless of whether it is automatic or manual garage door set up. A garage door installation project is more suited for those people who have proper understanding of how the mechanism works and a healthy respect for its hazards. In simple words, it is the right job for professional garage door installers. Well, if you are still interested in installing a garage door on your own, absolute maximum care should always be considered.

Safety precaution for garage door installation project: 

Automatic garage door are installed with torsion springs and cables. The springs play a role of generating and releasing stress while opening and closing the garage door by counterbalance the weight of garage door. If springs break, it can hurt or even kill anyone around it. Garage door springs installation should be handled by professionals. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are around 30,000 accidents related to garage door injuries reported each year. It is strongly advised to take all safety measurements if you are going to conduct garage door installation on your own. If you have no skills and experience of handling garage doors, please call a local garage door installer near you.




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