National Hotel | Testimonials | Best place you can choose for your accommodation

The National Hotel was a great place. They have the perfect rooms that can accommodate every group, big or small. My friends and I had such a great time in Michigan because we stayed in this place. The restaurant and buffet were really good and I couldn’t complain about anything when it comes to the foods they offer. The hotel did a great job at accommodating people. I don’t think that the vacation that we had was going to be joyful without this hotel. I hope you can keep up the great services! We’ll definitely visit again soon. – Darwin H.

My mother keeps complaining about hotels not being able to accommodate pets. She keeps saying that every hotel should be pet-friendly because that’s just how it should be, whether that hotel is a 5-star or not. As such, this place became the best place for her easily because not only do they accommodate pets in this hotel but it is affordable as well. When my mom and I had a trip to Chicago, she brought with her the two puppies she is taking care of. She wanted to have a vacation even just for a week and we did with the pets. I expected it to be pricey because we were looking for a pet-friendly hotel but this one just saved me and my savings. It was so perfect and I was glad that my mom was happy about it. It is highly recommended especially for those who want to bring their pets with them whenever they travel. – Lara F.

My family loves this place so much. I have visited this place a couple of times before and that is why I suggested that we should come here when we had a family trip. My family loved the different pools, the rooms, and also the restaurants because these hotel facilities really gave them comfort and convenience during the stay. – Janna W.